How to Get Rid of Belly Fat With Herbs

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat With Herbs

When it comes time to remove those extra pounds, it is easy to get swept up into the latest trends--fad diets, diet pills and the latest exercise gurus are all part of this profitable industry. But it doesn't need to be expensive or hard to lose the weight.

There are several reasons why people could be carrying around excess belly fat. Stress. Overeating. Lack of exercise. Sluggish liver or thyroid. That's why not every weight loss program will be the same. What works for one person, may not work for another.

That's why the simple formula of cutting calories and exercising may not be enough for some people. For example, for people who have a sluggish liver, unless this problem is tackled--the weight will not come off.

So what can be done? For me, I prefer to use herbs to aid in my weight loss efforts. But my approach does not involve stimulants, which is the main idea behind most weight loss diet supplements.

Mine involves a gentle program of using herbs to help a sluggish liver, to assist in stress management and provide the body with extra vitamins and minerals. It also includes herbal teas such as green tea, which may help burn off fat, and ginger, which is also considered helpful for weight loss.

Here are some tips for weight loss with herbs.

Things You'll Need:

Burdock Root

Dandelion Leaves

Stinging Nettle Leaves




Green Tea


For each of the herbs listed above, the best way is to prepare them as a tea. Do not mix the herbs together--only use one herb at a time. Choose one or two herbs that seem to suit your needs the best. For every cup of boiling water, use 1 tsp. of the dried herb or one tea bag.


If you would like to assist your liver in a gentle way, prepare a tea using either burdock root or the dandelion leaves. Dandelion has the added benefit of being rich in certain vitamins, such as Vitamin A.


To use herbs to help boost the vitamin and mineral content of your diet, your best bet is to prepare a tea using stinging nettle leaves or alfalfa leaves. If you consume a good amount of vitamins and minerals throughout the day, your body will be able to perform optimally, which may eventually lead to more weight loss.


Oatstraw and chamomile are the two herbs I reach for to help manage stress. Stress can cause you to gain weight either from overeating or from any hormone imbalances the stress may cause.


Green tea is a classic herb that is often used for weight loss. It does have some caffeine, but there is not very much in it. It's a mild stimulant that is often found in diet pills. However, green tea is a lot gentler than diet pills in general. Drinking 3 cups of green tea a day can help you burn 90 additional calories. This can really add up.

Tips & Warnings

Always choose the highest quality herbs you can find.

Make sure your water is also high quality and filtered.

You can sweeten any of your teas with sugar or honey if you don't like the taste of the herbs by themselves.

Consult with a doctor before you begin any herbal program.